Marijuana Dispensaries: Legal or illegal in Vancouver?

Business owners and residents are upset after a third illegal marijuana dispensary shop opened last week in the shopping area of Marpole. On Granville Street between approximately 50th and 70th an array of restaurants and shopping businesses reside. In the … Continue reading

Vision Vancouver Donors: Profiles on the top 5 individual contributors

Photo co

Photo courtesy of Flikr creative commons.

Want to know more about some of Vision Vancouver’s individual donors? Take a look at the top five contributors. Donation numbers come directly from Vision’s 2014 Campaign Contributions list, here

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Traffic a problem for South Marine SkyTrain commuters

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

Pedestrians are fighting heavy traffic at one of the busiest intersections in south Vancouver but won’t see any improvement until after the major development project surrounding it is finished a year from now.

The MarineGateway development on SW Marine and Cambie, a major arterial routefor the South Cambie area, started construction in 2012 and since then the area has seen an increase in construction-related traffic on top of an already traffic congested intersection.

The South Marine Drive SkyTrain resides right beside the heavy construction and pedestrians have stated that the increased traffic and construction is threatening their safety. Continue reading

Profile: Kitsilano



Kitsilano, better known as just “Kits” to locals, became a popular area in the 60s as it developed into a hippie-centered hub. Today, the area still embodies some of the “hippie” characteristics of its past with its laid-back and easygoing feel.

Kitsilano is located on the southern shore of English Bay.

The community is unique in that it is a popular area to live in for all age groups – from the young university students to the older retirees.

Katherine Allen is a coordinator for Building Caring Communities, a foundation that focuses on creating community engagement within Metro Vancouver.

“Kits is made up of a lot of students, families and seniors, and it’s a very community-oriented neighbourhood,” said Allen. “When I am in Kits I would say that the common places that connect people are community centres and neighbourhood houses because they are residential.”

west 4Kitsilano is also home to a large number of owner-operated businesses especially on the popular shopping street West 4th Avenue.

Jane McFadden is the executive director of the West 4th Ave Business Improvement Association and has a passion for supporting local businesses that call the street home.

According to McFadden high taxes are affecting business in the region tremendously.

“Individually if you talk to a number of businesses in the area you would hear them say that the taxes have gone up over the last ten years to the point where they can’t afford to be in business,” said McFadden. “If your rent is $2500 and your taxes are the same it makes it very hard to run a single-owner store.”

Members of the West 4th Ave Business Improvement Association have made it their mission to fight the skyrocketing price of taxes on businesses by supporting the Fair Tax Coalition, a group that works on behalf of business owners and tenants that feel like they are not getting a fair deal when it comes to the taxes they are paying.

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