Parents of elementary school fighting back against speeders in school zones


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Parents of Southlands Elementary want to see a traffic light installed on Camosun Street where the school resides to combat the high amount Continue reading


Increased collision reports on intersection of South Marine and Cambie

Infographic of collisions on main intersections in Marpole

Infographic of collisions on main intersections in Marpole

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Development in Marpole has been booming and with that comes an increased rise in traffic.Along the three main intersections of Marpole which include: Oak and South Marine, Granville and South Marine, and Cambie and South Marine, heavy traffic has been taking over and residents are taking notice.

The Marpole Residents Association was formed in response to the new changes in the area, one of the changes being the increased amount of density and traffic congestion. Continue reading

Traffic a problem for South Marine SkyTrain commuters

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

Pedestrians are fighting heavy traffic at one of the busiest intersections in south Vancouver but won’t see any improvement until after the major development project surrounding it is finished a year from now.

The MarineGateway development on SW Marine and Cambie, a major arterial routefor the South Cambie area, started construction in 2012 and since then the area has seen an increase in construction-related traffic on top of an already traffic congested intersection.

The South Marine Drive SkyTrain resides right beside the heavy construction and pedestrians have stated that the increased traffic and construction is threatening their safety. Continue reading