Issues and concerns of the Dunbar/Southlands neighbourhood

dunbarDunbar is a neighbourhood north of the Fraser River that contains a mix of commercial and residential areas. From upper class homes to farmlands, the community is unique to say the least.

According to Jonathan Weisman president of the Dunbar Residents Association Dunbar was traditionally a family neighbourhood.

While in the past the neighbourhood was a relatively affordable place for families and working class people to buy homes, present day buyers and newer residents are most likely to be higher income earners, therefore creating an interesting mix of income levels within the population.

The abundant amount of large lots in the area has made the region a very desirable place for both homebuyers and commercial businesses.

Housing costs in Dunbar have skyrocketed in the past few years and residents are concerned with new developments moving in. Locals have emphasized the value they hold in keeping the neighbourhood as family-oriented as possible.

“In the 60s and 70s the neighbourhood of Dunbar was a family place where a schoolteacher and a garbage man could buy a house and raise a family,” said Weisman. “Today that is no longer the case.”

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