Parents of elementary school fighting back against speeders in school zones


Photo courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons

Parents of Southlands Elementary want to see a traffic light installed on Camosun Street where the school resides to combat the high amount of speeders that ignore the school zone speed limit.

Southlands Elementary is placed on the busy connector road of Camosun Street where there is heavy traffic going southbound to Southwest Marine Drive and northbound to UBC.

In a poll conducted by Genesis Security in Spring 2014 over a two-month period, more than half of the vehicles that drove through the school zone of Southlands Elementary were speeding.

Parents say enough is enough

Parents like Cheryl Roehlig are furious because they think the speeding problem is getting out of control.

“This is something we need to solve before something terrible happens to our children,” said Roehlig, who is also chair of the Southlands Traffic Management Committee.

Last week, three new speed humps were approved to be installed on Camosun Street, which will be a big help according to Roehlig, but she says they are fighting for a traffic light as the humps may not be enough.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.10.50 PM

Poll conducted in Spring of 2014 by Carolyn Klaasen, Genesis Security community patrol liaison.

But the light might not happen, as Camosun Street is also a key transit route for ambulances, according to Carolyn Klaasen, Genesis Security community patrol liaison.

“Ambulances frequent the road quite a lot so adding a traffic light might not happen in this case.” said Klaasen.

Currently there are only two stop signs on the road that many drivers ignore.

Several organizations such as the Vancouver Police Department, Genesis Security the Vancouver School Board, ICBC, resident and parent committee’s have recently joined together to create the campaign, “Operation Slow Down: I Go to School Here” to educate drivers on the problem of vehicles ignoring the speed limit in school zones.


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