Marijuana Dispensaries: Legal or illegal in Vancouver?

Business owners and residents are upset after a third illegal marijuana dispensary shop opened last week in the shopping area of Marpole. On Granville Street between approximately 50th and 70th an array of restaurants and shopping businesses reside. In the … Continue reading

Feature: The Groundwork to BassWerk


On Thanksgiving evening Chloe Morgan sits down on the couch in her living room immediately turning off the blaring background noise coming from the television. “”I never watch TV,” says Morgan, a petite British redhead with bright blue eyes and an innate air of sophistication. “It stops the creativity; I filter what I watch because I take things pretty sensitively. If I see images whether good or bad, they’ll imprint on my mentality.” Continue reading

Vision Vancouver Donors: Profiles on the top 5 individual contributors

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Photo courtesy of Flikr creative commons.

Want to know more about some of Vision Vancouver’s individual donors? Take a look at the top five contributors. Donation numbers come directly from Vision’s 2014 Campaign Contributions list, here

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