Traffic a problem for South Marine SkyTrain commuters

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

South Marine SkyTrain (Google Maps photo)

Pedestrians are fighting heavy traffic at one of the busiest intersections in south Vancouver but won’t see any improvement until after the major development project surrounding it is finished a year from now.

The MarineGateway development on SW Marine and Cambie, a major arterial routefor the South Cambie area, started construction in 2012 and since then the area has seen an increase in construction-related traffic on top of an already traffic congested intersection.

The South Marine Drive SkyTrain resides right beside the heavy construction and pedestrians have stated that the increased traffic and construction is threatening their safety.

“There is no traffic or pedestrian related plans in place at least not until the development is complete,” said planning analyst Christine Edward for the Marpole Community Plan.

According to ICBC statistics for last year the intersection of Cambie and South Marine has seen significantly higher collision reports (112) than neighbouring intersections including Oak and South Marine (85) and Main and South Marine (58.)

Infographic of collisions on main intersections in Marpole

According to city planner of Vancouver South, Jim Bailey, the City hopes to identify key problem areas such as South Marine and Cambie.

“Over the long term we are trying to meet the critical demand for housing that is located at key transit stations like this one,” said Bailey. “Providing transit allows thousands of new residents to have direct access to shops and grocery stores under one roof, as well as to commute directly to downtown without the use of a car.”

In the past three years collisions reported on the intersection have also increased from 78 collisions in 2011, 83 in 2012, to 112 in 2013.

The Marpole Community Plan does not have plans in place to improve this problem until after the Marine Gateway development is complete which will be in fall 2015.


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