St. Paddy’s Day paints Vancouver green

St. Patrick's Day celebrators take a selfie.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrators take a selfie. Photo by Ali Crane

Vancouverites partied hard this weekend in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day at various events held around the city.

Green takes over Vancouver

The thousands of attendees who braved the rain to watch the parade in downtown Vancouver were treated to a show of Celtic dancers, pipe bands and dancing leprechauns.

“I think anything like this that celebrates diversity of culture and promotes that kind of harmony and engagement in the city is fabulous,” said Bob Doucet, founder of the Black Sheep Morris Dancers who performed in the parade.


“The more celebrations we have like this the healthier the city.” Another attendee Lane Messier said it was his first time at the parade. “I liked the drums and the bagpipes best,” he said. “It was a really great vibe and I had a lot of fun.”


Parade participants wave flags bearing Irish pride. Photo by Ali Crane

Langara students get lucky Langara students also held their own party, Get Lucky, in a downtown nightclub. Organizers created different activities such as a tattoo station, a coin toss, and a draw where patrons could win almost $1,000 worth of sponsored prizes.

Langara students at FIVESIXTY attending the Get Lucky event, organized by the Langara Social Club

Langara students at FIVESIXTY attending the Get Lucky event, organized by the Langara Social Club. Photo by Ali Crane

The club’s goal to engage interaction between Langara students and raise money for a scholarship by students for students was a huge success, according to organizers. “Last year we raised $600 and gave out three scholarships. This year we’re trying to raise $1,500,” said Nico Stotomas, co-founder of the Langara Social Club. Event co-organizer, Eyren Uggenti, said he was happy with the turnout and thought St. Patrick’s Day was a great theme to celebrate. “I’m very excited that people were able to come out on a Monday night to help support a fundraiser,” he said. “We were able to engage over 100 students tonight.” And that according to Uggenti was the main goal – to bring Langara together and hopefully cement the club as a mainstay in the college’s future.


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