Langara talks hacking and internet security

Video created by Nick Eagland

Hackers are more sophisticated than ever, and that is why students should be extra cautious about their web safety, said Lauren Wood, a speaker at a computer tech meetup held last Friday at Langara.

Nowadays, the average student may have multiple accounts online, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or an email account.

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E-cig regulation needed, says Vancouver Coastal Health

Concerns arise over availabilty of the flavoured faux nicotine sticks. Photo By Ali Crane

Kevin Murray, manager of Vancouver’s City Cigar Emporium at 888 West 6th Ave., has a mint flavoured disposable electronic cigarette. Photo by Ali Crane

Some e-cigarette users might have to butt out soon due to a recent call from Vancouver Coastal Health to regulate the industry.

In simple terms, an e-cigarette is a miniaturized vaporizing heating element, said Bill Newton of Vancouver’s City Cigar Emporium at 888 W 6th Ave.

It turns a glycerin based liquid into a heated vapour. Physically it looks like a normal cigarette except the tip is implanted with a blue or red LED light.

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